Does House Color Affect House Value?

Posted November 1st, 2017

When buying or selling a home, many factors come into consideration, such as the number of bedrooms, size of the lot etc. But did you know that the exterior color of the house can affect the reselling of the home too?

While the color of the house usually isn’t included in an appraisal in terms of value, the market and buyers have a lot to say in the matter. For example, if a house is yellow in a predominately beige or white house neighborhood, chances are it will sell for less, even when the interior is similar in an appraisal. Just as with cars, most people don’t like bright or unusually colored houses.

However, there are exceptions to this ideology. Florida, for one, boasts neighborhoods with fluorescent pinks and yellows and many other wild colors. Several up and coming “trendy” neighborhoods around the country have also been known to use blues and purples with success.

So why the variance? It all depends on the local market. Like houses sell best with other like houses but buyers and sellers who appreciate the same charm will find each other; though the time spent on the market may be longer. Another consideration is that paint is abundant – it can be expensive, but if a house is not selling and color may be the factor, it can be changed.

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