Desktop Appraisals

Posted January 5th, 2018

There are several types of appraisals beyond the general, full appraisal. One of the more popular, abbreviated versions is the Desktop Appraisal. The Difference is that the desktop version does not include a physical inspection, has no measurements, and uses few to no photos. Instead, this appraisal relies on tax records and a multiple listing service. The benefit of using a desktop appraisal is to get an estimation of a house in average condition. It should not be used for special, poor condition, or highly upgraded homes. What It Is Not A desktop appraisal should never be given or used in place of a full appraisal for legal purposes or tax disputes. Only a full appraisal can satisfy those particular requirements. It also should not be confused for an accurate valuation, as it is merely an estimation. To get your Utah appraisal, stop by or call us today.