Appraisals After Weather Damage

Posted August 1st, 2017

Even the safest of neighborhoods a severe storm can damage and destroy your home. And after the damage is done, you could end up waiting months for complicated, confusing processes to go through. Insurance companies often require a full, certified condition report on your home before claims can be processed, so you’ll need a proper assessment as your first step.

What Do I Need

The requirements may be different based on state, insurance, and lender specifications. It may also depend on the type of damage. However, a home or property appraisal is an integral and necessary part of the process. Our team produces a detailed report, like one you would receive before buying or selling, and is legal paperwork used during the insurance claim.

Unlike a typical appraisal, this report will assess the property but have valuation of the damage done, or loss of value, rather than the total house estimate. This is still a third-party assessment and not an insurance or home inspection though they are similar.

Additional Reports

Along with a more generalized damage report, it may be necessary to obtain an engineers report. What makes this different from other reports is that an engineer can verify if there has been any physical, electrical, or structural damage and is crucial to determining that all safety standards are being met.

What We Do

We help provide appraisals whether for buying and selling or after storm damage. Our knowledgeable team walks through the process step-by-step to ensure your appraisal is accurate and helpful.

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